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The Clone Lab allows you to clone a dragon of a specific species of your choosing.


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The Cloning Bay is the first step in a development of a dragon. Here, there are several species to which you may select.

After selecting a species, trainers are to input a phase which will affect the dragon's development.

Once done, a minor cut scene will play featuring tubes of developmental dragon clones and then an attribute menu will pop up featuring the probable qualities your dragon may acquire.

Next, you are to chose a name for your dragon. Rumors have it that the name also affects the development of the dragon.


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The Biobank as its name suggest, consist of 16 dragon cells to store your dragons. Your dragons will be under suspended animation and will not age whilst in a cell. This also means that the maximum number of dragons you can have in total is 17.


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After choosing a name for your dragon, you will be brought to the Nursery where you'll have to chose 2 attributes that will affect your dragon development more than the rest.

This is also where trainers recieve their dragons after selecting the species at the Cloning Bay. It will however, take 24 in-game hours before your dragon is ready for collection.