Evolution is a key factor in the game which affects the overall well-being of the dragon. In turn, evolution is primary affected by the dragon's wisdom. The higher it is, the better chance it becomes either a Super or Mutant Dragon.


This is the ultimate dragon form to which many trainers aspire to achieve in their dragons. The reason is because these dragons are extremely rare to evolve into and they don't age after evolution. Thus, the only way for it to die is in battle.

Battlewise, it's special attack is cosmetically jaw dropping. It consist of a tornado or barrier field that surrounds the dragon from the bottom up before it unleashes it to it's opponent in a form of an energy ball similair to "Ryu's Hadouken" in the 'Street Fighter Series'.

The down sides to supers are that trainers will not be able to fight them at Pablo's due to it's "supreme nature" of sorts and that the only way to improve their stats would be to go to the Junk Shop for weeds, herbs and seeds. Rest will not improve their health any further as well.


Mutants are perhaps a grade below Supers as they will continue to age despite it's obvious change in appearance.